Graphics 1 : 3D Graphics


Graphics 1 : 3D Graphics


3D Graphics for 3D Printing & VR is an introductory design and prototyping class that allows students to construct and prototype design ideas through exploratory media. Students will begin to design in and for three-dimensional space using interactive software such as TinkerCAD and Tilt Brush to build out incredible prototypes for the real and virtual world.

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This course is meant to be an introduction to three dimensional design on a computer. The goal is for the student to learn how to bring out an idea into a physical form with a 3D printer and virtual form with virtual reality.

Learning Objectives

  • Students will learn how to look at on object and increase their attention to detail by looking at increasingly complex objects
  • Students will learn how to bring together basic shapes to create new shapes
  • Students will learn how to take an idea from their imagination and convert it into a physical object
  • Students will learn how to use the creative process to enhance their designs

Final Project

Student will sketch out a shape on paper, transfer the shape from two dimensions to two to three dimensions in a 3D modeling program, transfer that shape into Virtual Reality to decorate, and then print out that model in a 3D printer to finalize it.

Prerequisites : None

Ages: 7 - 13


Nelson Milian

Nelson Milian