LEVEL is designed to educate the future technologist of Miami. We define a technologist as a citizen equipped with the knowledge, tools, and community to solve problems with technology. As the complexity of technology grows in use, learning how to acquire knowledge to build or use technology becomes necessary for an ever evolving set of complex technological problems.


LEVEL is about skills development in eight areas of study. Computation, Physical Computation, Devices, Data, Internet, Creative, Entrepreneurship, and Learn2Think. These eight areas represent a wide range of skills necessary for working in a digital economy.



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Computing teaches the student about reading, writing, and securing the code that runs on machines.




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Entrepreneurship teaches the student value creation through problem solving, business function, communication and leadership.

Physical Computing

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Physical Computing teaches the student how to construct & control the physical machines.



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Data teaches the student how to store, model, analyze and put into action the information collected.



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Devices teaches the student how to design, use and repair the digital tools they use every day.




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Creative teaches students all forms of digital media creation in 2D, 3D design, video and audio creation.



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Internet teaches the student how to: design, build and route digital networks, and web applications.




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Learn2Think teaches to student problem solving skills, digital law, self study and teaching.

How does the LEVEL Program Work


  1. When a parent/guardian signs up to have their child enrolled into the LEVEL Program, we will call the parent/guardian to schedule an in-person visit to 01 to learn about the prospective student.

  2. When the parent/guardian and child agree to enroll in the program, a baseline assessment is given to the child to evaluate their competency in the eight areas of study. Click here to view more details about the assessment.

Day to Day

  1. The LEVEL program is initially going to only be open on Saturdays from 10am - 4pm. The day will focus on three of the eight areas of study with a rotation happening every two weeks. Click here to view the current calendar.

  2. Each area of study has multiple sub topics that a student will learn about. A new student will start with

Each Category has 8 levels starting from level 7 to level 0. Attaining level 7 means the student is a beginner and attaining level 0 means that the student has mastered the concepts 


To achieve level 7 in a category, the student is required to test out with formative tests and projects


A student can move down a category through different levels from 7 to 6 but will not be able to achieve the full level 7 until all level 7 categories have  been attained


When the student achieves the first level 7, they will be awarded a key which confirms their work and achievement signed by 01

Students who have mastered all of the program will have enough general skills in technology to design, implement, and execute on technology projects as part of a team in a firm

$128 / month

Program begins September 8th, 2018
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much technical experience is needed to begin?
The minimum age for the program is seven years old and the maximum age is seventeen years old.

What are the minimum and maximum ages?
The minimum age for the program is seven years old and the maximum age is seventeen years old.

What is the length of the LEVEL program?
LEVEL is a program that can be started at

How can I cancel the program?
LEVEL is a program that can be started at

Is any equipment necessary?
LEVEL is a program that can be started at

What days is LEVEL program available?
LEVEL is a program that can be started at