Minecraft Tournament

Does your child love to play Minecraft? We are hosting a Minecraft tournament for players between the ages of 7 - 12 on May 13th at 01. Players will compete against each other in building and team battles. The building competition will feature a Minecraft gamemode that challenges players to build a replica of an item. The team battles will require two players to join together in an effort to best the opposing teams. A Trophy will be awarded for the best voted builder and winning team.


Game Modes


This game mode is a quick battle between players for control over resources that are created around the map. The players must protect a bed in the house. The team with the last person standing wins.


Build Battle

This game mode is about building a replica of randomly picked theme. The player has a few minutes to recreate the theme. After the time runs out, the players will vote on the best design.


Tournament Details




May 13th, 2017

Additional Information

  • Time: 1:00 PM - 5:30 PM
  • Ages: 7-12
  • Location: 219 NW 20th ST, Suite #104, Miami, Florida 33127
  • Food: Pizza or Snacks
  • Device: This tournament requires that you bring your own device capable of playing Minecraft on a computer. Windows, Mac, or Linux. Renting available for $5 if you do not have a device.
  • Software: The tournament requires that you have a Minecraft PC account purchased to participate.


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