After years developing our community here at 01, we have decided to open up a Saturday program that will run year round. However, it is specifically designed to be completed over several years, as to ensure that our students master every subject. Our diverse and interactive curriculum encompasses all facets of Technology, allowing students to explore different paths while obtaining a tremendous advantage in the modern world.

We value our growing community of innovators and feel that providing advanced early education in the fields of Science is vital in keeping that momentum going. The Saturday program encompasses a wide range of subjects listed bellow. Students will begin as Novices, and with much time, and effort, they will mature and master these skills.

Digital Computing



Learn how to understand Algorithms and multiple Coding languages along with Advanced Software development and Versatility with all devices.


Business & finance 

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Students will learn to view Technology from the Entrepreneurial side as well as the digital side, in order to understand its role in our Society and Economy. 

Physical Computing

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Learn the Anatomy of Computers and the function of each component. Experiment with a wide range of Mechanics and Materials. 


Artificial Intelligence 

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Artificial Intelligence is more prevalent now than ever before, and we are proud to offer it as a subject. Students will learn about Machine learning and Data Analysis. 

    Internet          Security         

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Learn how to prevent and address digital threats such as Viruses and Bugs while simultaneously learning to attack them with next level Crypto-skills! 


Media & Design   

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Learn to manipulate all forms of Media such as 2D and 3D Design Modeling programs all the way to Photo-Video editing software and Music Production. 

Internet & Broadcasting   

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Student will learn how to use Networking and search tools such as Routers and APs and Explore different types of Messaging and Braodcasting platforms. 


Problem- Solving

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Here at 01 we teach our students to become self driven complex thinkers in order to master the art of Critical thinking & Problem Solving. 

$128 / month

Program begins September 11th, 2018
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