Overwatch Tournament

Know someone that plays Overwatch? We are hosting an Overwatch tournament May 20th for players aged 12 - 18. The tournament will begin at 10:00 AM and end at 04:00 PM with lunch provided. Overwatch is a team based game requiring six players in a team. A total of four teams will be formed and matched up against each other. To participate, you will need to bring your own device capable of playing Overwatch with an account.


Tournament Structure


To participate, we recommend coming with a full team of six players. Only four teams will be able to participate due to space requirements. You will be paired with those who do not have a team if you do not have a team or cannot find the six players.



The tournament will be a round robin between the four teams. Three matches against each team. A winning team scores one point per match. Map selection will be randomized. The team with the most points after the round robin, wins the tournament. If there is a tie, there will be a final match to decide the winner.


Tournament Prizes

1st Place

Free Coding Class ($250 Value) from 01 

$10 Steam Gift Card

2nd Place

$100 off Coding Class from 01

$5 Steam Gift Card

Tournament Details




May 20th, 2017

Additional Information

  • Time: 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM
  • Ages: 12 - 18
  • Location: 219 NW 20th ST, Suite #104, Miami, Florida 33127
  • Food: Pizza or Snacks
  • Device: This tournament requires that you bring your own device capable of playing Overwatch on a compute. (Space available for  desktop)
  • Software: The tournament requires that you have a Overwatch PC account purchased to participate.




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