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We have released a new set of courses that will help students begin to master the technological world. Classes begin Monday, April 17th, 2017 at 4pm at the 01 Wynwood location.

The new set is organized around core competencies that introduce the student to the main ideas about the technology. The courses are not meant to make the student an expert, but to explore a wide range of different technologies that are used to solve problems. The goal is to make the student a confident user of technology.

Each course runs for six weeks meeting once a week for two hours for a total instruction time of 12 hours. During the course, students will work on a final project to apply the skills learned.  Each class will share the space with another class that is running at the same time.

We have setup a tremendous amount of availability for Core 0 : Basics because a lot of students do not yet understand how a computer works or how to use it effectively. We recommend all students take this course first before getting into coding so that the student has a better foundation.

- Willie & Nelson