We have designed these special two immersive mini-camps centered around students having fun while exploring new technologies such as the concepts of computers, coding, gaming, design and how they are all interwoven together. 

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Winter Video Camp is a three-day immersive camp featuring hands-on activities focused on introducing future creators to the tools of video creation. Students today are in the Youtube generation, and many are creators and curators of what happens in the world. We will introduce and will develop fundamental skills for creating videos for these platforms. The curriculum is centered around storyboarding a concept of their choosing, shooting video on location, and editing video and the post-production needed to create quality videos. Students will be presenting their video project on the final day of camp.



Winter Space Camp is a three-day immersive camp experience focusing on the wonders of space. Students will learn about the history and mysteries of space while exploring the principles of observation, engineering, communication, exploration, and imagination. During the camp, students will form teams to create a Minecraft space base that has to mine for precious ores, recreate physics experiments, launch water rockets, and 3D print spaceships and explore the solar system with virtual reality.




219 NW 20th ST, Suite #104, Miami, Florida 33127



VIDEO CAMP: December 26th - 28th, 2018

SPACE CAMP: January 2nd - 4th, 2019


  • Time: 9am - 5pm, Early Drop-off/Late Pickup Available

  • Ages: 7-14

  • Lunch: Optional | $30/session stipend, $10/day stipend

  • Laptop: Highly Recommended to bring your own but optional rental available | $15 rental fee/session

  • Supplies: All other supplies (outside of laptop) are provided

  • Capacity: 25 students per session

Our Team

Nelson is a life long learner, tinkerer, technophile. I believe learning should be fun, meaningful and inspirational for it to be effective. My current interests are computational mathematics, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, education and competitive team based video games. I graduated from Florida International University with a focus on Management Information Systems.

Willie is an entrepreneur, creative technologist, hacker, educator, and new media artist and has had his artwork shown at the Institute of Contemporary Art, MiamiLocust Projects&gallery. His interests include virtual reality, artificial intelligence, genetic algorithms in design and graduated from Columbia University in Operations Research and Computer Science.


Ready to join the adventure?

Choose the length of the camp and food option by adding your selection to the cart. When finished, checkout.

Camp Options

Video Camp - $200 per session

Space Camp - $200 per session

Both Camp Sessions - $350


25% deposit required to secure spot

$30/session extra for lunch

$15/session extra for laptop rental


Do students need prior experience? 
No prior experience is needed for the camp but learning will be tailored to each student’s progress level to ensure skills acquisition and increase confidence with STEAM topics. 
Do students need to be good at math or have an interest in science? 
No! The camp will cover these topics in a way that is engaging and fun. Students will be learning by building fun things. Activities include designing and shooting videos for Youtube, creating rockets, Minecraft, Virtual Reality, coding and more
How are students supervised? 
The camp will have 2 full-time instructors and 2 assistants with a maximum of 25 students. Instructors are trained in safety procedures including CPR, injury or allergic reaction protocols, and always have a copy of the camper’s emergency contacts with them. Additionally, all students are expected to abide by the Camper Code of Conduct. 

How do I pay? 
You can purchase through this website or give us a call at (786) 877-0916.

What if I change my mind, are there refunds? 

If you change your mind, and choose to not be in this camp, please let us know. We will refund the full amount back to you within 7 business days. If you decide during the camp session that the camp is not right for your child, you will be charged for the days used at the daily price and refund the rest. 

Do I need to worry about my kid becoming a mad scientist? 
After this camp…probably.