We have designed this special one-week immersive camp centered around students having fun while exploring new technologies such as the concepts of computers, networks, circuits, coding, gaming, and how they are all interwoven together.   




The focus is on computers and their components by working with the Raspberry Pi mini computer. The students will learn how to build the computer so that they have work on it throughout the week. The second half of the day will focus on 3D modeling and building out designs in TinkerCAD.



The focus today is on the programs that our mini computer can run and installing a few games to play using Linux. We'll break off into groups and design our own simple games. We switch gears and continue with our 3D models to prepare them for printing in the 3D printer.



The focus will be on computer networks and how the Internet is just a big computer network that we all have access to. We will also learn about graph theory, the math that powers the networks. After connecting to each other in Minecraft, we will use code to control Minecraft. Later, we will our 3D models and begin working with them in the virtual reality program Tilt Brush.

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We will begin the day by learning about circuits. Students will build a small circuit to power a light to understand the concepts of electricity. The next step is to use our mini computer to control the light and make it blink to music. Later in the day we begin to think about how we can design a 3D object to hold the light. We finish off the day programming two sensors to control our Minecraft worlds.



We will explore board game design and the history by building a simple board game and playing old and new games like Go, Chess, Lattice Board, and Settlers of Catan. Video games are interactive and fun, but they require technology to play. Board games bring friends and family together while supplying all the necessary material to play. We will design modern pieces and rules to classic games and 3D print out our designs and play our new games. This day is one of our special Teacher Planning Day Workshops so we will be joined by even more students!





Session Schedule

March 20th - March 24th, 2017

Additional Information

  • Time: 9:30AM- 4PM
  • Ages: 6-11
  • Location: 219 NW 20th ST, Suite #104, Miami, Florida 33127
  • Lunch: optional: bring your own or a $10/day lunch stipend
  • Laptop: Recommended but not Mandatory. We have enough computers for everyone. We will supply students with all the materials needed for all activities.





Nelson is a life long learner, tinkerer, technophile. I believe learning should be fun, meaningful and inspirational for it to be effective. My current interests are computational mathematics, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, education and competitive team based video games. I graduated from Florida International University with a focus on Management Information Systems.

Willie is an entrepreneur, creative technologist, hacker, educator, and new media artist. He was Hacker-in-Residence at The LAB Miami. and has had his artwork shown at the Institute of Contemporary Art, MiamiLocust Projects&gallery. His interests include virtual reality, artificial intelligence, genetic algorithms in design and graduated from Columbia University in Operations Research and Computer Science.


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Camp Options

Single Day - $60 

Full Week Session - $300

$10/day extra for lunch

The Single Day camper will fit right into the fun.

The 1 Week camper will present spacey ideas!


Do students need prior experience? 
No prior experience is needed for the camp but learning will be tailored to each student’s progress level to ensure skills acquisition and increase confidence with STEAM topics. 
Do students need to be good at math or have an interest in science? 
No! The camp will cover these topics in a way that is engaging and fun. Students will be learning by building fun things. Activities include 3D printing, Virtual Reality, Raspberry Pi electronics, coding and more
How are students supervised? 
The camp will have 2 full-time instructors and 2 assistants with a maximum of 25 students. Instructors are trained in safety procedures including CPR, injury or allergic reaction protocols, and always have a copy of the camper’s emergency contacts with them. Additionally, all students are expected to abide by the Camper Code of Conduct
Do I need to worry about my kid becoming a mad scientist? 
After this camp…probably. 
How do I pay? 
You can purchase through this website or give us a call at (786) 877-0916.

What if I change my mind, are there refunds? 

If you change your mind, and choose to not be in this camp, please let us know. We will refund the full amount back to you within 7 business days. If you decide during the camp session that the camp is not right for your child, you will be charged for the days used at the daily price and refund the rest.